Brodhead Water and Light feels that it is our responsibility to give something back to the community and contribute to educational efforts. 

Each year Brodhead Water and Light, along with our power supplier WPPI Energy, offer a scholarship to Brodhead High School seniors who plan on attending a post-secondary educational institution. Because of this, each year we sponsor one (1) $1,000 scholarship or two (2) $500.00 for seniors attending Brodhead High School. Scholarship(s) are awarded to the student with the best essay on the theme:  The Benefits of Public Power to Our Community.

Guidelines are available through the school district and here.

Past Scholarship Recipients

 2023: Abigail Mills
 2020: Erik Vold
 2019: Abbey Johnson
 2018: McKenzie Keller and Karleen Sutherland
 2017: Alex Nipple and Tyler Urness
 2016: Cierra Pryce and Sharmila Rowan
 2015: Hayden Webber
 2014: Kaitlynn Heath
 2013:Tabitha Harnack
 2012: Rachel Heins and Tyler Malcook
 2011: Megan Ball and Blair Chapman
 2010: Amanda Johnson and Kelli Sutherland