Customer Responsibility Info

By Jeff Peterson

Click HERE to view a map of what areas are the customer’s responsibility.

The electric service: the utility owns the wire going to the house; we stop at the connections to your wire on the house. The customer is responsible for all wiring inside the house. Outside the customer owns the wire from their breaker or fuse panel up the wall of their house to the connections to our wire. We supply the meter but the customer owns the meter socket along with the wire in the conduit going up to our wire. If for whatever reason the service is pulled off of the house to the ground we can only put our wire back up on your house. You will need to call an electrician to come and replace what’s broken and put your service back up then we can reconnect it to our wires to get the power back on. I have been told that that expense might be covered by your home owners insurance, but check with your insurance agent. 

The water service: the utility owns and is responsible for the pipe coming from the water main going to the house but stops at the curb stop (a valve used to shut the water off in case of a leak in the house), usually located in the terrace between the edge of the road and the sidewalk. The homeowner is responsible for the pipe after the curb stop to the inside of their home. If there is ever a leak between the main and the house, we would come and shut the curb stop off.  If the leak stops, it is on the customer’s side - if it still leaks, it’s ours to fix. The utility supplies the meter but the customer owns and is responsible for the valves and the meter set (the plumbing that holds the water meter). If we ever have to work on or replace the meter and operate any valves in your basement and they leak afterwards, it is your responsibility to have the valves fixed or replaced by a plumber.

Critical Needs: One other concern was people who called saying that they have special need which require electricity.  We have a Critical Needs form that must be filled out.  The form is available online or call us and we will send one to you.  This is not a guarantee that power will be restored sooner than others, but will be more of a priority. Click HERE to go to the online Critical Needs form.